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We always believe that continuing at the top of commercial entities requires a lot of permanent development in thought, in methodology, in public systems, in services provided, in the way of presentation, so technology always works in an advanced way with thought, methodology and a set of administrative systems and modern and advanced services that always strive for their goal In writing modern electronic culture and bringing it to the top of regional and global service providers.


Tqnia to continue as the best provider of information technology services, starting from domains, hosting and servers, developing, designing and programming websites and electronic stores, programming and designing mobile applications, e-marketing services and funded ads


Tqnia IT Service

Tqnia always seeks to provide distinctive services and flexible packages to suit most of the services used for information technology at very competitive prices, from sites, stores, applications or software systems, now start developing your business and go with your real and effective presence on the Internet

Professional web design services

The art of visual communication is the true meaning of realizing your ideas and crystallizing them into a wonderful reality, which is what our designers do in a technique based on the client's request and they cooperate to implement his data with the utmost accuracy in order to draw your ideas in the form of a site characterized by magnificence and beauty


Store services and e-commerce

It is the economic revolution in the new millennium, which guarantees access to the largest segment of the target audience for your products in different cities and regions that may reach around the world, through which you can achieve large profits through Internet sales, which has become the largest market for global profits


Mobile application design and programming services

According to the recent statistics of the number of internet users via smartphones, which reached more than 4 billion people around the world, this number confirms the great importance of having a dedicated mobile application for your site, company, store or electronic project through the two platforms (Android and Apple iOS)


Advertising and e-marketing services

In light of the terrible technological development, it has become easy to increase income and profits, open new business markets, and market projects, services and products at the lowest costs through advertising and electronic marketing. The technology of this process is provided with high professionalism to ensure you the beneficial results, God willing.


Professional visual identity design service

The design of the visual identity is one of the most important elements that reflect the vision of institutions and companies and a major reason for making its way in the labor market in a professional manner. The distinctive visual identity is one of the most important factors for the success of promoting companies or institutions, their products and services. On her with positive results


Managed VPS Server Services

If you are looking for independence for your site and speed to upgrade its services and ensure the best speed for browsing and archiving at the best price, then your choice of VPS servers from Technology is the best solution with the services of setup and integrated management around the clock


Premium web hosting services

The first lines of electronic success stories and your first step to start your own project and market it electronically at the lowest cost and without any previous experience or knowledge of monitoring and managing servers, and we in technology provide several plans that suit all categories of small and beginner sites


Managed private server services

When your first goal is to elevate your site and make it among the ranks of major sites regionally and globally, searching for a server with good specifications is an essential task, and in technology we provide you with the best service, distinctive value and integrated management around the clock.


Why Tqnia ?

Because we are always keen on the quality of services and customer satisfaction, we feel proud that we have been able to obtain the satisfaction of many of our customers over 14 years and since 2006 by converting their ideas into professional applications and websites with a superior aesthetics to compete with our business the best web design companies and major platforms not at the level of Egypt and the Middle East Not only, but also worldwide

UI-UX design

Website design needs a combination of professional design and taste in choosing colors and using the latest technology

Programming and Development

The optimal choice of the platform and programming language used is one of the most important factors for the success of the site

Hardware Compatibility

One of the most important factors in accessibility is making sure to do business with all devices and browsers

Trade mark

Brands reach the target audience needs full attention to detail

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