Website Design & APPS in Egypt

During more than 16 years we have been distinguished by providing web design & APP services as one of the best web design companies in Egypt and the Middle East in various fields with the highest levels of professionalism

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Tqnia IT is the best web design & APP company in Egypt and the Middle East

Because our experience in the field exceeded 16 years, we can understand the needs of the client and know well how to achieve them with the best levels of quality and professionalism.

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  • UI-UX Design

    Website design needs a combination of professional design and taste in choosing colors and using the latest technology

  • Programming and Development

    The optimal choice of the platform and programming language used is one of the most important factors for the success of the site

  • Mobile Applications

    Mobile applications have become one of the most important ways to reach customers through smart phones

  • Business Identity

    Brands reach the target audience needs full attention to detail


How do we work in Tqnia ?

When your site is designed in a tqniait company, it is done by professional artists in the field of web design, so we use the latest programs to build a sophisticated website design suitable for all types of screens, which depends on website designs in a tqniait company on the technique of response

Package and Platform

Our services start from the customer, where he chooses the appropriate package for his services, the programming language and the platform on which the website design will be executed

Initial Analysis

Work on analyzing all the details with the client in order to reach them for all the needs and aspirations of the client in order to achieve them in reality

Technical Analysis

Work on implementing a technical analysis of the site to determine the important mechanisms in its implementation and the techniques through which work will be done on the project

Website Design

Working on UI-UX designs with full attention to professional design, accurate color selection, use of the latest web design techniques, and user experience sensitivity

Internal coding

Work on converting the design and images into codes to be used in programming the site to convert the shape and images into an animated design with the best technology

Programming and Development

It is the final work to implement the website design, which is the reconciliation between the website design codes and programming to produce the final site in all its details as desired by the client

Who Are We

Why choose a Tqnia company for web design ?

Because we in Tqnia are always keen on the quality of services and customer satisfaction, we feel proud that we have been able to obtain the satisfaction of many of our customers over 14 years and since 2006 by converting their ideas into professional applications and websites with a superior aesthetics to compete with our business the best web design companies and major platforms not at the level of Egypt and the Middle East Not only, but also worldwide

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